1st participant — Matjames Metson!

First Participant for a Facebook arranged Art Dinner: Matjames Metson!

Mr. Metson was the first brave participant willing to engage me in a Facebook arranged dinner to talk about Art. We spent most of the time in his Silver Lake Studio:

Matjames’ detail rich works range in scale from cigar sized boxes to larger than life figures. Metson builds these intricate figures out of discarded debris, wood, glue, antique photographs, and a host of other curios you have to see to believe.

A Los Angeles based artist by way of New Orleans, Matjames was displaced by Hurricane Katrina (where he was forced to restart his practice from scratch).

Since moving to Los Angeles, he has worked to save other’s anonymous histories through the crafting of intricate two and three dimensional works that manage to be both sad and seductive.

I was first reminded of a word Christine Davenne used in her book “Cabinets of Wonder” — Wonderkammer — or “wonder rooms.” Do yourself a favor and see Matjames’ work in person!!

1 2 123 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11metson_studio_panorama_000113

Contact Matjames through his Website or via Facebook

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