Week 4 — David Spanbock!

This week I visited with painter David Spanbock in his Inglewood studio. David completed his graduate education at the Otis College of Art and Design; his current practice focuses on abstract and figurative painting with a heavy emphasis on varied mark making techniques, a sensitivity to palette, and building structure through the combining of individual panels:


David also gave me a great primer to the history/formation of Los Angeles’ development as a city. David’s own writing on his work (from his website):

“My work is to draw and to paint, one painting over many years and many discrete objects. It is titled “ The Politics of Transformation”.

Each part is unique and stands alone as its own piece of art.

I make drawings out of paint and paintings out of paint, drawings and other paintings.   Some of the pieces are one part some are many done over years.  The work is layered in four dimensions.

I am curious about marks, what they are, where they come from.   Some of the marks I make come from looking at something, others from thinking or feeling, some from somewhere else. I collect these disparate marks and compose them.  Sometimes, I mark them more or, sometimes, they are done.”

You can see more of David’s work at his website

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