Camilla Taylor!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending a little time in the studio of artist Camilla Taylor.

Camilla is a consummate printmaker and sculptor; she received her BFA and MFA in printmaking from the University of Utah and California State University (respectively). Her narrative prints, multiples, and 3D objects center on dark, homogenous groups of monochrome figures (often huddled in bare white rooms).








To paraphrase what Ms. Taylor said about her work — it’s really up to the  viewer to craft the narrative surrounding the abstracted figures. She observed that viewers often pick one piece to commiserate with (a common jumping off point for the viewer to begin a more complex narrative)

What I find particularly alluring in Taylor’s work is the tactile materials she employs — her sculptural figures quickly shift from terrifying to pitiable as their precarious construction and delicate cloth, buttons, and thread draw you in. In a gallery setting, you’d really have to fight the urge to pet these.

See more of Camilla’s work at her website, her tumblr, and her Etsy shop.

(After our studio visit, Camilla, her partner Jason and I enjoyed vegan pizza at Pizzanista! Highly recommended)

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