Marisa Murrow!

This week I visited with west side painter of plein air vistas — Marisa Murrow!

Marisa is a painter based in west Los Angeles; her bodies of work include on-site depictions of trailer parks, beach front properties, skate parks, and landscapes set against oceanfront highways. She received her BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and maintains a studio in Westwood. I am a (relative) newcomer to California and much of what I think of when I think of California is brought to the forefront when viewing Murrow’s work — warm, inviting colors, dry beachfront properties, and the setting for an endless vacation. These Elysian fields are often met with depictions of the small domiciles of those on the low end on the socioeconomic spectrum (charmingly rendered to be devoid of detritus, debris, and despair).

When I prodded a little about Ms. Murrow’s current fascination with boats, I was surprised to learn that she doesn’t have a real interest in nautical outings — As a world traveler, Murrow sees the boat as a metaphor for her sense of adventure and human connectivity to the landscape. These moments in time capture a type of life passing by; an intrinsic pressure felt by most of us, at one point or another.

You can see more of Murrow’s work on her website

easel_workspace diptych 8 7 6 5 4 3_wip 1wip6_resized

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