Laurence McNamara!

Laurence McNamara is a painter living and working in Los Angeles. He holds an MFA from the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA. McNamara’s renderings of gauzy, soft-hued portraits allow for a wide interpretation of the physical and mental state of the anonymous figures depicted. McNamara is able to cultivate a light atmosphere that is at the same time intimate and intense, tragic and timeless. The thoughtful application of paint and luminous palette choice belies the emotionally charged limbo these factitious faces inhabit.

McNamara on his own work:

“I have composed images with very little pictorial information. In some of the paintings, the faces begin to recede or blend into the light or shadows, threatening to vanish into a field of color. The color and light I employ in these paintings suggest an atmospheric and formless world. The surface of the paintings is composed of movements, intensities, saturation and speeds; and the all-over-ness quality seems to be in constant flux. This oscillation between abstraction and figuration creates an atmosphere that is more inviting to the projection of emotional states. It also functions as a metaphor for the abstract nature of emotions, which can be complexly layered and fluctuate over time.”

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2 large paintings_mcnamara 1

More of McNamara’s work will be included in a group show in Los Angeles @ Coagula Curatorial beginning Saturday, May 18 2013. I love that you can see these images anywhere in the world, but to understand the subtle paint handling, tonal transitions and color quality, you need to see it in person!

McNamara’s website can be viewed here

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