Dominic Quagliozzi!

Dominic Quagliozzi is an interdisciplinary artist with a studio space in The Brewery. Coming from Rhode Island with a background in sociology, Quagliozzi received a Masters in Fine Art from Cal State University (Los Angeles). His current practice blends traditional painting, digital video production, projection, performance, and interactivity into an updated hybrid of sociocultural practice.

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Quagliozzi’s imagery in his work is often sourced from the medical processes he has to endure as a result of living with a terminal illness; intravenous infusions, blood tests, urine samples — he has had cystic fibrosis since birth and is currently awaiting a lung transplant. His praxis references this in a very direct manner; in a recent performance outside of LACMA, Quagliozzi tethered his IV bag to one of Chris Burden’s posts in Urban Light, co-opting the landmark as a humdrum piece of medical equipment. A second iteration (that I wasn’t able to see in person) turned his hospital room into a makeshift atelier and exhibition space. Working out of his bed as artist and patient, Quagliozzi used Facebook and word of mouth to pull viewers into his room while he made art during convalescence. I believe this is where much of the strength in Dominic’s work lies; he forces us to confront sickness (that is, our own mortality) in a very direct way using himself as vessel.

You can see more of Dominic’s work on his website and online exhibition space.

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