Susan Lizotte!

This week I met with Los Angeles painter Susan Lizotte in her East LA studio:



Lizotte’s current body of work entitled Mercury alludes to the historical (mis)use of the poisonous element; from Columbus era sore treatment to modern day vaccination where it is employed as a preservative. Drawing on art historical references from the Renaissance, Lizotte paints a parallel between the climate of modern day government and Medici era Italy — a pervasive government cloaked in cultural goodwill.



Susan’s work employs a combination of classical and contemporary technique; aerosol spray and collage is mixed with a traditional easel painting approach.

On her own work:

“I’m exploring in paint the issues of abuse of power, control image production, information, mercury, and mythology… The paintings seek to address images created to further an agenda, used by those in power. The paintings are flawed or broken to show both seen and unseen.”









Lizotte’s work lobbies for the citizen and reminds us of a past we are doomed to repeat if we do not learn from it.

More of Susan Lizotte’s work can be viewed on her website.

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