Gary Brewer!

This week I visited with painter Gary Brewer!


Gary Brewer is an artist’s artist. He employs a steady hand  to slowly build meticulous detail and volume, laying down seamless color washes in his oil and watercolor works. Influences are wide ranging; we touched on his appreciation for the Hudson River School, Renaissance portraiture, post-war abstract painting, and Ad Reinhardt (to name a few).

Brewer’s compositions are biological mash-ups – disparate natural elements are combined and seated in theatrically lit, vacuous spaces. New life systems emerge through a kind of visual transposition where evolution unfolds in accelerated time. An appreciation and (light-touch) advocacy for the complex, life sustaining systems are central to the work’s meaning.




8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Brewer on his own work:

“Using natural forms with strong design characteristics, I create paintings that blend careful observation with fanciful invention.  I am drawn to subjects expressing an extravagance in nature, such as orchids, lichens, corals and sponges.  It is in these intricacies that the imagination is engaged and the subject matter is brought closer to the human eye.”

More of Gary Brewer’s work can be seen on his website

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