Kelly Berg!

This week I meet with artist Kelly Berg:



Kelly Berg is a painter living and working in Venice, CA. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008.

After being raised in Minneapolis, Berg swapped coasts to carve out a brightly colored intersection between abstraction and representation.

Over the last three years, Berg’s approach to art making has thoughtfully moved through a kind of Maximalist hard-edged abstraction to depictions of epic landscape (citing John Martin as a chief inspiration). Her mythic imagery of natural forces has been (in part) informed by recent travels to Pompeii, Venice, Greece, and Egypt.

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Berg’s technique is one part fine detail and one part bravado– careful rendering is flanked by brusquely applied impasto acrylic (ssmall brushes and palette knives abound in studio).

An organic architecture juts out beyond the edges of the painting’s supports, visually referencing the plates, rocks, and earth crust that are the focus of her newer works.








These apocalyptic landscapes may operate as a glimpse into a near future of impending environmental (or philosophical) tumult.

More of Kelly Berg’s paintings can be seen on her website

New works by Mrs. Berg will be included in an upcoming group exhibition at Walter Maciel Gallery opening January 11th, 6-8pm.

(all photos copyright Art Dinners or

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