Christopher Russell!

Listen to Christopher Russell offer a quick  walk-through of his solo show at Mark Moore gallery in Culver City:

Titled “”GRFALWKV,” Russell’s current series employs appropriated text, ship masts, birds, brambles, wolves, and floral wallpaper, all whirled into bursts of white light (lens flair produced with a plastic lens), from which his soft renderings radiate out. The keynote piece is a handmade manuscript (also titled “GRFALWKV”) with illustrated chapters that read as part autobiography, part terse, incisive fiction that builds on themes as diverse as World War III, The Omen, The Dead Art Star, and The Sublime.

To quote the exhibition catalog: “…Like a folkloric odyssey into a cognitive web, his mixed-media works and installations traipse through places of fragility and wistfulness; evidence of the divine and unsettling encounters inherent to our complex mortality.”

Christopher’s show is open until May 3rd at Mark Moore; he is also releasing a print edition through Aperture for Paris Photo LA April 25th – 27th!

(Images © Christopher Russell/Mark Moore Gallery)

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