Lindsay Buchman!

Art Dinners speaks with Lindsay Buchman at her Seaton St. studio about her multidisciplinary practice, living in Rome, use of language, and whether there is a kind of subtle violence inherent in the vacant living spaces she depicts:


(to follow along with Lindsay’s projects outlined in the recording, start at the left side of the panorama above, and follow through the second one – details and higher quality images below)


Buchman’s artist statement:

“Through layered and elusive narratives, my work speaks to my relationships with adaptation, individuals and places. I consider myself an archivist, documenting how we define our lives in the context of our interactions. Informed by my background as an adoptee, I am interested in the implication of memory and the fabrication of one’s history to establish meaning and forge identity.

My works on paper and installation-based projects are an investigation of instability, disintegration and discord. I examine contradictions between language and communication to consider how we socially assign value; this relationship between constructed meaning and its position to subsiding is central to my practice. By activating erasure with preservation, I seek to destabilize a prescribed [im]permanence.

The act of collecting, distilling and discarding memory is weaved into our collective dialogue—a unifying process of the human condition. I am captivated by experience, which permeates through text, image and structure in my work. Forms collapse and expand to breathe life into wreckage, suggesting all things certain are subject to uncertainty. The spirit of the moment lost is not a boundary, yet a path for reinterpretation.”


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